Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus in 2021

Virtual reality has undoubtedly transformed the way we look into things and view things on our devices. It’s incredible to live in a make-believe world where almost everything seems to be beyond imagination. Virtual reality offers us all the possibilities of making things happen; we can’t even think of happening in the real world. We live in the moment.

With virtual reality headsets, you could experience and enjoy playing games, watching videos, and many more. Many companies like Apple might not have designed VR headsets of their own, but you should know that other great models are compatible with iPhones.

How to use iPhone 7 plus VR headset?

Before using a fantastic technology, you need to look for its usage. Once you have the iPhone 7 Plus VR headset, you need to enable Virtual reality on your iPhone. Many Apps are available on online stores, including the Cardboard app. Once you install, insert the iPhone into the headset. Be careful on the attachment mechanism; you will need to slide, clasp or clip unto it.

After this, Hold it close to your eyes and hang it on your head; give a clear focus towards the lenses for experiencing a virtual reality environment. You can also adjust lenses according to your eye view.

Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus

The best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus is designed to provide a HUD, known as the “Heads Up Display”; it offers a larger than life “First Person View.” The person moves to a new virtual world; the actual environment is replaced with a virtual environment. It requires the user to turn in order and to look around just like one looks around in real life.

The headsets displayed in our list are compact and don’t require much power compared to other VR devices. Although it’s been quite a while since VR devices existed, the devices that could make you go into another world were exorbitantly expensive and power-hungry.

Therefore, we present a list of the Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus, with details and its pros and cons discussed. It will help you understand the budget and look into the best VR headset for iPhone 7 with the controller.

These are the best VR headsets for IPhone 7 plus & beyond;

  • 1.           Merge VR Headset
  • 2.           Oculus Quest 2 – All In One Virtual Reality Headset
  • 3.           Destek V3
  • 4.           Bnext VR Headset
  • 5.           Google Cardboard
  • 6.           Optoslon Virtual Reality Headset
  • 7.           VeeR Falcon VR Headset
  • 8.           VR Shinecon VR Headset

Merge VR Headset

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

Merge VR is one of our top choice, the best iPhone VR headset 2021. It’s easy to use, and it offers clever features that support different VR experiences, especially for youth, kids, and families. Merge VR goggles are cheap and comfortable and rather Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus. It can be used more conveniently with mobile devices.

The Interactiveness of any VR headset accounts for almost 40% part in the product. Its ability decides the Interactiveness of any product in tracking the motion. The Merge VR would score a 4 out of 10 in this category.

The setup of Merge VR is accessible and user-friendly. You will be easily transported into a new virtual imaginary world. The Merge VR goggles are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The surface and materials are flexible, but a durable foam substance is also present, which is lightweight, and the plus point is that it is resistant to bumps and dropping. You can also easily adjust the lens, maintaining your eye distance by sliding the two spring-based buttons mounted on the top. These two buttons also replace the hand controls, so you can interact with them and experience it by pressing down those buttons. It enables you to hold the headset, and you can easily enjoy the dual-controller.Pros

  • A compatible system with Smart iPad touch.
  • Flexible headset case
  • iPhone and other Smartphones can easily fit in this system
  • Sleek packaging; easy to follow instructions
  • Reversible straps that go around and over the top head and all the straps are easily adjustable
  • Easy and comfortable mask to wear


  • Packaging and Advertising are misleading
  • Magnet Buttons are problematic.

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Oculus Quest 2 – All In One Virtual Reality Headset

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

If you are a virtual reality addict, you’d know about Oculus as one of the best and most popular hardware for VR. Oculus Quest offers next-level hardware occupied with a fast processor and has a high resolution, which lets you watch everything in high quality.

Oculus Quest is the Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus since it has all-in-one virtual advanced virtual reality headset features, it has all-in-one gaming which means you can enjoy all titles, old or new. Play any game you like; going towards a better point, VR headset provides immersive entertainment; it lets you enjoy streaming, concerts, movies, events, and many more.

It has an easy setup, and it is comfortable to wear. All you need to do to start your virtual world is open the box and set the headset with your phone. It has 50% more pixels which offer you to watch everything in high resolution and detail.

Most importantly, it is one of the best VR headsets for iPhone 7 with the controller, and the controllers help you play with your own choice. It provides you with ultimate control over your gaming and streaming. It enables you o control and uses intuitive controls to transport the gaming movements directly; you can play instantly with your whole body movement and into the virtual reality.Pros

  • Easy setup
  • Controllers; giving ultimate control
  • Having 50% more Pixels
  • Offers all-in-one-gaming


  • Needs to be connected to Facebook Account

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Destek V3

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

Destek V3 is undoubtedly one of the Best VR Headsets for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7. It offers excellent functionality. It has an intense immersion and is a user-friendly VR headset. It has a view angle of 103°field, enabling you to go deep into the virtual reality world entirely. Play movies, watch music concerts, and play games in high dimensions.

Its top features include a short-focus lens that is quite useful, letting you manipulate the images and bring them much closer. It has a side magnetic trigger which makes it more comfortable and easy for you to control virtual reality games.

Destek v3 virtual reality headset is compatible with all types of eyesight, either good or poor ones. It has adjustable wide straps and a soft sponge layer which enables comfort, and it doesn’t put pressure on your head or nose and makes you more accessible and comfortable to play. It is incredibly lightweight and flexible.

It is an all-in-one best iPhone VR headset 2021; everything that is needed for an enjoyable VR experience.Pros

  • Works with different phones
  • It comes with a controller and carrying case
  • Easy to adjust and set up


  • It can be hard to bring it to be confirmed/clear pictures at times

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Bnext VR Headset

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

Bnext VR headset is one of the best iPhone 7 Plus VR headset; it’s easy t use and comfortable to wear: pop it up into the tray, slide it and then strap it on. It is mortal to wear and offers a foam face brace, making it one of the most accessible headsets for adults and kids to wear and adjust according to their view.

It is the best iPhone VR headset 2021; though it is minimal, it relies on your iPhones’ tech. It has some valuable and remarkable practical built-in features. A little lined ruler is present for beginners, making sure that your iPhone is dead center before you start playing. You cannot access your phone buttons; padding is present, which helps you prevent the buttons from being accidentally pressed and interfering in your VR experience.

Levers present Up top lets you adjust each goggle’s location all front and back, left and right. It depends totally on where your eyes are; this makes a massive difference in how you are immersed in and how you feel in the game.

It is one of the most reliable iPhone 7 plus VR headset as it supports High screen resolutions HD to 4K and 3D. It lets you adjust your distance from the detailed view and the object’s focal length to help you find the perfect setting, letting you enjoy the video games and other streaming without interfering or being confused. It is the Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus and is known as one of the best iPhone headsets that experience VR of all types, including 360-degree turn and 180-degree turns for gaming and other exploration.Pros

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Advanced gaming technology
  • Designed for extended wear
  • It can be used with many/multiple phones
  • Made securely with a fit that snug on your face and is never too tight


  • No built-in options; you’ll need to use your headphones or better sound
  • It only works if you have VR Apps

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Google Cardboard

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

If you are looking for an affordable VR headset and do not want to spend a lot of money on a VR headset for iPhone 7plus, then Google Cardboard can be your best choice. It is one of the best VR Headsets for iPhone 7 Plus; it is made of AAA corrugated paper, the quality of the paper is superior. You would be surprised by the quality which you are going to get at such a low price.

Thousands of units of this product are sold, the cardboard is unique and is enjoyed, praised by the maximum user all across the world. It has a long strap, suction cups, and a forehead pad. The plus point is that it’s not a big deal what system your cell phone uses; the Google Cardboard is suitable for all.

The Google Cardboard allows you the best Virtual reality through its 37mm focal length; it also has biconvex lenses which support the focal length. You can play games and watch your favorite movies, music, and many more through all this.

It is a lightweight VR headset which means you can carry it anywhere with you. It’s a gaming marathon; your buddy to take anyway, anywhere.Pros

  • Advanced technology with affordable price
  • 37mm Focal Length
  • Suitable for all the needs of VR
  • Tested more than 80 times


  • It doesn’t come with detailed instructions

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Optoslon Virtual Reality Headset

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

Optoslon VR headset is the Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus. It lets you enjoy everything in full 3D and high dimensions, even if you are watching through your smartphone.

It is an easy and comfortable headset with its lightweight design. It’s flexible, and you can easily watch for hours and play without straining your eyes and neck. It has adjustable headgear and soft masks, which reduce stress, making it comfortable to wear and experience your flexible virtual reality.

It provides you with 36 degrees of the immersion experience. The headset is designed with aspherical lenses that are comfortable and flexible and adjusts the eye distance according to your need. It means that you can use it to easily watch 800° myopia without the need to wear glasses.

If you are a games lover and love to play games for long hours, this headset can be your best choice, as it is comfortable fr longer durations. It lets you enjoy virtual reality deeply, keeping your eyes strain-free and not giving much fatigue.

You can quickly get along with your friends, meet your VR friends and fans from all across the world, play games with them, watch a live concert, sports, your favorite shows, and many more. This headset has the main benefit: it comes with adjustable headgear, making it easier for you to adjust the headset according to your head size and perfect view. It will surely give you the best experience and prove to be the best iPhone VR headset 2021.Pros

  • It is compatible with multiple cell phones
  • It’s lightweight
  • Headstrap can be easily adjusted
  • It gives 360 degrees experience


  • Cheap build

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VeeR Falcon VR Headset

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

This VR headset is one of the Best VR Headsets for iPhone 7 Plus as it is designed for your comfortable use and can be easily operated with the VeeR VR app. This app is one of the many flagship products from the company. This VR headset is easy to use and has many features and specifications, making me one of the best VR headsets for iPhone. No doubt, you can expect a genuine virtual reality experience through this VR headset. The features and actual VR dimensions make this product earn a spotlight on the best VR headsets for iPhone 7 plus.

This VR gives you a broad spectrum of content which means you don’t need to spend a lot of money to visit your dream world. The product comes with an inbuilt HiFi active noise cancellation feature; this feature is handy; it reduces unwanted sounds and noises all around. You can only hear the powerful and crisp original sound of the content you are watching, your favorite game, and enjoy your movies, music, games without any hassles.

This iPhone 7 Plus VR headset has a 1050 inch screen with a 3-meter distance capability, making it one of the top best VR goggles for iPhone 7 plus. The Virtual reality experience is quite impressive, especially while watch HD videos, movies, and pictures. The main plus point that this headset includes is that it also contains a microphone built in and has a headphone jack, which helps you receive calls while you are using your VR. Isn’t that amazing?

The FD and IPD bi focus adjustment features that this VR headset got help you enjoy your gaming and videos at an appropriate angle and depth. It also has an adjustable side distance. The VR customer service is always available and ready to help you. You can also get a membership card with the 4K video download for free. Low price and Big perfection; all in one. At an average cost, you can get a great virtual reality experience.Pros

  • Best price
  • It has an Ample face padding
  • Easy controlling n the multifunction call button
  • Remote controlled
  • Adjustable side distance


  • The VR hear cannot be used by iPhone 7 plus
  • The body is made of low-level plastic

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VR Shinecon VR Headset

best VR headset for iPhone 7 plus

The look of these VR headsets will make you reach a peak but don’t stop here it has more then looks. This VR headset is a 6th generation device that is a winner and better than the predecessors and the upcoming models; it is made with high knowledge and in accordance with organic movements.

This headset had a comfortale design usage and a flexible design with HD resin. You won’t feel any pressure or tiredness weight of the headset on your eyes or head ever. It is made of accessible material breathable leather, which keeps your eyes sweat-free even while you are wearing the headset for a long time.

This is one of the best Vr headset for iPhone 7 and 7 plus; it features Focus distance which means you can adjust Pupil settings accordingly. The headset has an ergonomic design. Its strap is adjustable, and the nose area is deepened in the procedure so that you won’t feel any discomfort or pressure on the nose.Pros

  • Adjustable T-shaped strap
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Features Focus Distance
  • Can also work with Organic movements


  • The remote control doesn’t usually work properly

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With all the above-mentioned Best VR headset for iPhone 7 Plus, our discussion comes to an end. Hopefully, this article would help you find the best and right VR headset, enjoy your VR world, do gaming with your friends, and enjoy some Netflix.


Q: Is iPhone 7 Plus VR compatible?

DESTEK V3 is one of the Best VR Headsets for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7. It offers excellent functionality and is comfortable and easy to use.

Q: Which is the best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus?

  • 1.           Merge VR Headset
  • 2.           Oculus Quest 2 – All In One Virtual Reality Headset
  • 3.           Destek V3
  • 4.           Bnext VR Headset
  • 5.           Google Cardboard

Q: How to use my iPhone 7 Plus VR headset?

It’s not challenging to use VR Headset. Please tap on the VR app which you want to use to launch it. Put the iPhone into the viewer while the screen should be facing towards you. Now raise the viewer to the view of your eyes, and there you go; you’ll be in virtual reality.

Q: Which VR app is best for iPhone 7 Plus?

  • •            YouTube
  • •            VRSE
  • •            NYT VR
  • •            Seene
  • •            Orbulus
  • •            Google Cardboard
  • •            Jaunt VR
  • •            Incell VR

Q: Does VR work on iPhones?

Most iPhones are flexible to this technology and are VR Capable. But proceeding to iPhone 6 and further new models, they will perform way better. Many different VR experiences work with iPhones, including YouTube, VRSE, Google Maps, and others. As long as you have a device compatible with this technology, which meets all the VR specifications, you are all set.

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