How to Tell if Your Laptop Has an Ssd or Hdd?

How to Tell if Your Laptop Has an Ssd or Hdd

Have you ever wondered what the difference between an ssd and hdd was? An ssd, or solid state drive, uses flash memory to store data, which makes it much faster than traditional hard drives (hdds), which use magnetic platters to store data. However, ssd’s are also more expensive and much less durable than hdds. In order to find out if your laptop has an ssd or hdd, you can check the specifications or look on the bottom of your laptop.

Check at the bottom

It’s a bit of a trick question: most laptops have both an hdd and ssd, with one being used for data storage and one being used for speed. If you want your laptop to be fast, you need one or more solid state drives (ssds). But, how do you know which drive is which? The easiest way is by looking at your system information. Go into your control panel and double-click on hardware and sound (Windows 7) or system (Windows 8). Under hard drives, look at where it says drive 0; that number will tell you what kind of drive it is. The bigger numbers will mean more space; 500 GB means 500 gigabytes.

Check for a sticker

Many laptops have a sticker on their bottom that shows a barcode and identifies which model you have. If you don’t see one, but you can’t tell whether your laptop has a hard drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD), go into your computer settings and look for options like Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive. If you still can’t figure it out, take your laptop to a reputable repair shop; they should be able to tell within minutes whether it has an HDD or SSD.

Look at the label on your battery

Most laptops are either shipped with a ssd and hdd or can be upgraded to use one. To find out which you have, you need only look at your battery. The label is likely on a small white sticker (and sometimes red) on top of your battery. If you see something like HDD or SSD, then your laptop has an hdd; but if it just says solid state drive, then that’s a sign you have an ssd.

Search online

The best way to find out what kind of hard drive you have is to search online. You should be able to easily find a page that shows you, model by model, what kind of hard drive your laptop has. On your laptop’s official website, there will also usually be a place where you can look up your laptop’s specifications as well. If not, then try searching Google for laptop name (make and model) along with hard drive type. For example: HP Pavilion 14z-w000 X1b00SA#ABA hard disk type .

Use software

You can use software like CrystalDiskInfo to see what your hard drive is made of. Also, try right-clicking on This PC in Windows Explorer and selecting Properties. If you have a solid state drive, you should see some pretty hefty read/write speeds (on par with SD cards). If your computer boots up and loads programs quickly, that’s a good indication that it has an SSD. If it takes longer than 5 seconds for your computer to boot up and load any programs, however, then it has a standard hard drive. Standard hard drives aren’t necessarily bad—they just won’t provide you with as much speed and dependability as SSDs.

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