The Macbook Air vs the Dell Inspiron 14

The Macbook Air vs the Dell Inspiron 14 – what are the differences between these two very similar laptops? It’s hard to tell if they’re the same laptop under different names and brands or if one of them stands out from the other. With this article, we’ll break down the similarities and differences between the Macbook Air and the Dell Inspiron 14, as well as give you our opinion on which laptop is better overall.

Tech Specs

Looking at tech specs of laptops can be a bit confusing and frustrating. New models come out all of time, upgrades are made and packages change significantly from one model to another. How much storage do you need? How much RAM? How many processor cores do you want? Which graphics card will suit your needs best? Do you need an optical drive or is that a waste of space? Is it worth paying extra for more processing power when there isn’t any noticeable difference in real-world performance? These are all good questions with multiple answers, but none we can help with here.


You’ll want to be sure you have all necessary software to set up your new computer. This is especially true if you were a Windows user and are moving over to a Macbook. The same goes for transitioning from a PC to an Apple machine: You will need Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote software suites in order to properly convert your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Fortunately, Microsoft Office also works seamlessly with both PC and Apple computers, so that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re working across platforms. Just make sure you download it on your new device before trying to work on any files there.

With most devices, including laptops and desktops, transferring files from one computer to another is as simple as connecting them via USB cable or through a wireless network connection. However, some laptops do not come with CD drives anymore—this includes Apple products like MacBooks—so getting your data off of these machines requires using other methods such as external hard drives or flash drives (if they came with them). If they didn’t come with either of those things, consider purchasing one or both options beforehand.

Size Section: Battery Life

If you’re trying to choose between a macbook air and a dell Inspiron 14, battery life is one of your biggest concerns. MacBooks have always been known for their long-lasting battery, so there’s no reason to think that would change now that Apple has introduced its newest model. While we can’t compare them side by side yet since they’re not on sale, we can look at how long previous MacBooks ran. The 11-inch MacBook Pro (mid-2012) offers up to eight hours still but the newer model of MacBook air and pro both offers at least 16 hours of battery life which is very good while browsing on Wi-Fi and watching videos.

These Apple machines are efficient for programming and other heavy tasks like video editing/rendering.

Apple is offering m1 chip in the latest MacBooks so you can feel the difference between any other processor and m1.

The only cons about macbook are that their storage space is very limited so you may have to purchase external drives to store your DATA.


The display is what you use to interact with your laptop, which is why it’s so important to choose one that feels comfortable. The bigger and brighter, of course, the better. This extra brightness can make a big difference if you find yourself working in bright or dim light. Similarly, you’ll want an anti-glare screen if you work outside often or in large windows—it will make it much easier on your eyes and keep them from getting strained and fatigued over time. If the resolution is important to you, go for a high-resolution display; they tend to look sharper than normal displays with lower resolutions but require more pixels per inch.

It makes it easy to use the laptop at night with a retina display it helps to reduce eye strain and you can use MacBook for long time.


The prices vary, but on average you can get a macbook air for around $1050, while you can purchase a dell inspiron 14 for around $550. Which price would you rather spend? The answer depends on your personal preference and needs. Many people will be more inclined to buy an Apple computer, because they will know that their device is of high quality and won’t have many issues with it later down the road. On the other hand, some people may not feel comfortable spending such a large amount of money without being absolutely sure that they are making a sound investment.


The Macbook is probably going to be a bit more expensive, but it’s also much better quality. If you’re looking for something cheaper, go with Dell. It will still have better battery life than most computers, and you can always add an external monitor to make it feel more like a mac. The biggest selling point of both is that they are light and portable, though. These computers are good for taking notes in class or surfing the web at home! Neither of them will hold up if you’re editing video or playing games, so keep that in mind before making your decision.

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